Tullhuset Kalmar

Accompanied with good food and happy mood

Front Row.

Restaurant Tullhuset on Kvarnholmen is situated front row to Kalmar Harbour facing Kalmar Sund and Öland, next to Kalmarsalen and Kalmar Museum.

A heritage landmark as a customs house for more than a century, we have furnished our part of the building with a brand new kitchen and a diningroom with seating for 50 guests.

We´re branding ourself as a small restaurant with charm, professional cooking by the stove and good service with great warmth.




Jonas Åhman, the restaurateur of the well acclaimed Trädgårdsgatan 26 in Borgholm, opens a new restaurant on the other side of the Bridge. In the old customs house from 1886 will this spring do a makeover to become a restaurant.